Burglar Alarms

For the highest quality burglar alarms installed by professional, educated and experienced technicians, turn to D&I Electronics, Inc.  We monitor your security systems 24 hours a day, with local representatives standing by to assist you in any emergency situation.  You'll never be re-routed to an answering service across the country or receive a voicemail.

A burglar alarm will consist of a control panel that will monitor the state of various electronic contacts throughout your facility.  Contacts can be put on doors, windows, or nearly any point of entry into your home or facility.

Once perimeter protection has been fortified, the next elements to be added are motion detectors and glass break sound sensors. If a criminal were to breach the outer perimeter, a motion detector senses movement and will cause the system to go into alarm.  A glass break sound sensor works on the principle of displaced sound waves, the vibrations created by the sound of glass breaking will cause the system to trigger an alarm.  These devices provide additional layers of interior protection.

Compared to some of the national alarm companies, our prices are extremely competitive and our service is unmatched. We feature radio or cellular monitored alarms that will alert our operators the instant security is breached in your home or office building.  Most systems use technology that requires another phone call, which wastes precious minutes in an emergency situation.

D & I Electronics, Inc. is a full-service alarm company; we can customize any alarm system to fit your needs and your budget.  One example of our ability to customize your alarm would be the addition of Alarm Screens which allow you to conveniently open a window for fresh air while still protecting the window from entry when the alarm is armed.

Our systems can be installed with the most cutting edge features, including remote arming/disarming of your security system from your smartphone or computer.


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D & I Electronics, Inc. can service & repair any alarm system, including existing alarms that were not installed by our technicians.

Alarm Monitoring

Unhappy with your current alarm monitoring company?  D&I can monitor any existing alarm system starting at $31.99/month.

Our Affiliations

D&I is proudly associated with the National Fire Protection Agengy (NFPA), the Electronic Security Association (ESA), and UL, LLC.

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