Radio Alarm Monitoring

When the safety of your property or family is on the line, don't trust it to a company with out of state operators or poorly manned response stations.  Count on D&I Electronics, Inc. for professional alarm monitoring 24-hours a day.  Our staff of highly-trained dispatchers will be alerted just seconds after a system breach is registered, unlike other services. This saves precious minutes in an emergency situation.

Radio and Cellular alarm monitoring do not require telephone service at the premise.  However, D & I Electronics, Inc. advocates redundancy in monitoring and we may use both the telephone line at the premise and the Radio or Cellular alarm monitoring to ‘back-up’ the phone line in the event of a telephone outage in the area.  With this scenario, the alarm still communicates with the Central Station in the event that the telephone service is down at the premise.  Sophisticated criminals have been known to tamper with telephone lines with the expectation that they are preventing the alarm from communicating in hopes of preventing the authorities from being dispatched to the premise. In addition to fire and burglar alarm monitoring, we also offer opening and closing reports. We can monitor carbon monoxide levels, sump pumps, and even the temperature. For example, if you have a product in freezer storage that could spoil if temperatures get too high, we can notify you of that as well.

Call us for a free estimate on the most reliable and responsive radio or cellular alarm monitoring for your home or business.  We can find a system to fit virtually any budget.

Alarm Monitoring

Unhappy with your current alarm monitoring company?  D&I can monitor any existing alarm system starting at $31.99/month.

Our Affiliations

D&I is proudly associated with the National Fire Protection Agengy (NFPA), the Electronic Security Association (ESA), and UL, LLC.

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